Make an Educated Homebuying Decision

Make an Educated Homebuying Decision

Speak with a trusted home inspection contractor in Paradise, CA

A-OK Home Inspection Service is a leading home inspection company in Paradise, CA. There is no property too big for us to inspect. We’ll provide the information you need to make the right choice for your family’s future.

You can hire us to conduct a variety of inspections in Paradise, CA. Contact us today for a:

  • New construction inspection
  • Homebuyer’s inspection
  • Seller home inspection
Don’t choose just any contractor to conduct your home inspection. Contact A-OK Home Inspection Service to discuss your property with a local inspector.

Pick a pro to inspect your newly constructed home

New construction projects are often extremely complex. Don’t pay for a project that isn’t finished. Before you move into your new house, get in touch with A-OK Home Inspection Service in Paradise, CA to conduct a thorough new construction inspection. We’ll make sure every aspect of your new home is up to code and meets your specifications so that there are no costly surprises after you move in. If anything is missing or deficient, we’ll document the issues in a list that you can show your contractor before you make your final payment.

To learn more about our home inspection services, call us now at 530-321-5355.